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JETZ-SCRUBZ® GROOVES Kitchen Scrubber Sponge VALUE PACK, Pack of 5

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UPC: 850031807211

Set of 5 packaged in a high clarity bag with header & 2 tags.

The Jetz-Scrubz® GROOVES is custom designed for everyday kitchen use to clean grates, grids, cooling racks, refrigerator wire shelves and all those wire closet and other wire shelves in any area of the house where you have them like closets and under cabinets.

The scrubber side is our amazing revolutionary High-Tech material is scratch-free, proprietary Jetz-Scrubz® scrubbing surface that is designed to get in-between the ribs and will not scratch.

The Jetz-Scrubz® sponge side is our super absorbent SUDZINATOR™ foam. Thousands of Magi- Scrub Cells holds suds longer, yet washes out fast and easy with water, especially when secured in the top tray of the dishwasher after use. Our 100% USA made foam that is super dense, super soft, that not holds only suds longer, you can use less, and helps to get the job done faster.

Jetz-Scrubz® are Dishwasher Safe! Wear & Tear Resistant! Long Lasting! Outwears All Others! Flexes, Bends, Contours to the Touch-Gets in Corners, Grooves, & Crevasses! Works great on cleaning indoor electric grills and griddles.

AND, our Jetz-Scrubz® scrub surface will NEVER stain or discolor nor will our classic Jetz-Scrubz® jet black foam on our original flagship items.

This size measures approximately 5.75” x 3.75 “ 1.125”.

Please note: Jetz-Scrubz® are not recommended for use on any outdoor grill or cast-iron cookware.