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About Us

Jetz-Scrubz ® The World's Greatest Kitchen Scrubber Sponge
Successfully established 20 years "under the radar" in upscale specialty housewares and internet distribution
By way of introduction Jetz-Scrubz®-USA is an innovative new product development, manufacturer, marketing and distribution company. The company makes unique niche product that are Proudly - 100% American Made.
Our company has been in the business for over 30 years creating unique proprietary design consumer products in multiple classifications and the foam, sponge and scrubbing products. Our Jetz-Scrubz® brand line is successfully marketed through thousands of upscale independents, small specialty chains, gourmet housewares retailers, mail order companies and web marketers nationwide.
Jetz-Scrubz® are SCRATCH-FREE our Custom Scrubber Surface side is made of a unique proprietary material.
Jetz-Scrubz® are SAFE on every type of surface, pots, pans, plates, glasses, specially treated, stainless & more.
Jetz-Scrubz® has SUDZINATOR™ Foam side has thousands of tiny cells hold suds longer, so you use less soap
Jetz-Scrubz® are DISHWASHER SAFE- To renew and sanitize secure in the top tray of the dishwasher after use.
Jetz-Scrubz® are MICROWAVABLE up to 60 seconds to help kill germs.
Jetz-Scrubz® are GREAT VALUE they are impervious to wear and tear and outlasts all others and SAVES Money
Jetz-Scrubz® are ECO - SENSATIVE as you buy less, use less and dispose of less.
Jetz-Scrubz® will NOT STAIN or discolor either on the black scrub surface or on our black foam side.
Jetz Scrubz® are NEVER sold in any mass marketers, discounters, drugs chains or any off price stores.
Jetz Scrubz® are SOLD in gourmet housewares, & independent retailers and WEB e-commerce marketers.
Jetz Scrubz® are FIVE STAR RATED by consumers - ratings are all over the internet.
Jetz Scrubz® are MADE 100% in the USA
Jetz Scrubz® is a Federally Registered Trademark - All Rights Reserved
A little bit about us; 
We are a small, well established, niche USA company. Established in the household cleaning industry for over 30 years. We created Jetz-Scrubz® to be the greatest, easiest to use, longest lasting kitchen scrubber sponge available on the market.
Our products are 100% USA made. All of our products are and have been for the past 20 years assembled and packaged by our local ARC - WOC, Work Opportunity Center, (previously referred to as a handicap workshop).