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Proudly Invented & Made 100% In The USA

Jetz-Scrubz(TM) Custom Scrubber Surface is made of a unique proprietary "Scratch-Free" material that will not scratch any type of cookware or kitchenware, including polished, satin or glossy surfaces, or anything else in your kitchen!
Jetz-Scrubz(TM)is an ALL-PURPOSE scrubber, that is safe on literally every type of specially treated surface cookware, bakeware, utensils, dishes, pots, pans, glass, counter tops, cabinets, and appliances, brushed or satin finish stainless steel, chrome, copper, porcelain, ceramics, crystal, plastic, wood, painted surfaces, tiles and marble.
Jetz-Scrubz(TM) SCRATCH-FREE(TM) scrubbing surface was developed over years of research and extensive testing and has been in the market place for over 15 years.
Jetz-Scrubz(TM) Proprietary Amazing scrubbing surface makes scrubbing faster and easier as thousands of custom Micro Magi-Scrubz Cells triples every motion intensifying the scrubbing action.
Jetz-Scrubz(TM) are DISHWASHER SAFE - To totally renew and get months and months, even a year and sometimes more than a year of use, just place into the top tray of the dishwasher after each use to renew and sanitize.  You will be amazed to find that you may still be using you Jetz-Scrubz long after you can imagine.
Jetz-Scrubz(TM) is a GREAT VALUE as they do not wear out, therefore are an environmentally friendly product as you are purchasing new scrubbers every week that add to our landfill problems.
Jetz-Scrubz(TM) The Original jet black Jetz-Scrubz(TM)is also impervious to discoloring, even the toughest food stains will not discolor Jetz-Scrubz, retaining that fresh, clean, high-tech look.Our novel shape Jetz Scrubz are made with the same high quality materials and our Original Jetz Scrubz in black with the painsaken attention to quality. They wear the same, however as the light colors are more sensitive to staining due to extended use over time, some customers replace them more quickly that others. It is a matter of personal preference.
Jetz-Scrubz(TM) is Eco-Friendly - Use Less - Buy Less - Dispose of Less. As you buy a fraction of the quantity that you would of other sponge scrubbers that wind up in landfills. We have years of  customer testimonials telling us they have have used their Jetz Scrubz for months and months...even for years. And....after using Jetz Scrubz in the kitchen, when it time for a new one. Jetz Scubz can keep on working if you like. You can continue to use the Jetz-Scrubz for many other cleaning uses indoors & out. Car, garage,basement, patio, sporting equipment, the uses are endless


Frequently Asked Questions Many questions are covered under Jetz Scrubz Facts, but we have covered several others here and repeated several as well.
Will Jetz Scrubz scratch anything? Not under normal household kitchen use when used in a normal fashion using a solution of any type soapy water solution. It is not to be dry. We have been testing it since it was invented over 15 years ago and have never had a problem. Jetz Scrubz are made of a very unique combination of the finest American Made materials on the market. Years of R&D andextensive testing have been done in order to come up with the materials that are most wear and tear resistant. You will find, as our customers have, that you will get months, and often a year of use from one Jetz Scrubz. Therefore purchasing far fewer scrubber sponges that often are in a landfill within weeks of purchase.
Why are Jetz Scrubz Eco Friendly? The answer is in the above statement.
How can you clean and sanitizes Jetz-Scrubz? The best, most effective way is secure in the top tray tray of the dishwasher after every use. You will be pleased to find your Jetz Scrubz, clean, sanitized and renewed when you open the dishwasher in the morning.
How long will Jetz Scrubz Last? This is dictated by the amount of use it gets, what it is used on, how many times, it is used daily which we know varies dramatically from household to household. From years of comments, emails, letters constantly surveying users, we know it can be a few as several months, up to believe it or not, years.
Can Jetz Scrubz be used to scrub anything else? Yes, we always suggest, and many customers tell us they do, that after retiring one from the kitchen, to use for clean ups in the basement, garage, patio or on the cars wheels. However do not expect the same amount of use that you will realize in the kitchen.
Where is Jetz Scrubz made? We are proud to say that every element in Jetz Scrubz is 100% American made, Including all the packaging materials. In addition we are a proud to say that we do of our packaging through an ARC - Work Opportunity Center right here in New Jersey.
Where can Jetz Scrubz be purchased? Jetz Scrubz can be purchased primarily in upscale, gourmet specialty and housewares stores through-out the US. In addition on scores of web marketers and mail order companies.  If you cannot find our product at these fine retailers you may purchase it directly from this site.

Help Save the Enviornment...While Saving Money

Jetz Scrubz are Eco-Friendly because they are impervious to wear & tear. They last longer than any other kitchen scrubber on the market.  So you buy less, saving money, using less, disposing less, therefore...polluting less!
These amazing products will last and last, under normal household use in the kitchen.  We are not talking about weeks, but months & months and often longer. We resist making claims of exactly how long because, we are so used to getting emails stating that they get use of six months to a year and sometimes more.  All you have to do is after using your Jetz Scrubz, secure it in the top tray of your dishwasher.  If you do not have a dishwasher, just rinse it thoroughly in hot water and let air dry.  Either way the next day it is like getting a whole new scrubber.  
PLUS our customers tell us that when they want a new Jetz Scrubz for their kitchen, they then continue to use the old scrubber for cleaning chores throughout the house, bathroom, garage, and basement.  Thus giving much more extended life to the product. Again, resulting in you buying less product, saving money, and reducing your carbon foot print just a little bit. But as we all know every little bit helps.
We have been selling Jetz-Scrubz for over 15 years since we invented it.  We are proud to say that it is 100% AMERICAN MADE.  Every component of our product and packaging is made right here in the USA.  Helping keep jobs at home.  
We are also proud to say that everyone of our products is packaged by an ARC-Work Opportunity Center, right here in New Jersey.

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